Pyjama Party Anyone..?

Yes, we know Stella McCartney wears them and the fashion pack seem to love them but ‘pyjama suits’ are NOT suitable work wear!  Ok so they are probably applauded at Vogue, cut it if you work for a designer, if you are wearing your employers brand or you are in your 20’s, impossibly cool and work in media but for the rest of us – No no no!  Especially if your employer provides technology support services and your role involves visiting customer sites!  Yes, we know the staff dress policy doesn’t prohibit wearing pyjamas to work, they are, as you made very clear, very loudly to the entire back office, “extremely now” and do not portray “stuffy corporate image”, but seriously what happened to common sense?  Save for some limited (very) exceptions pyjamas, yes even if they are called ‘pyjama suits’ should be confined to the privacy of your own home.