Manager disciplined for calling underperforming members of his team “blood sucking parasites”!

The “team leader” of a poorly performing regional sales unit was overheard on her mobile referring to the two poorest performers in her team as “blood sucking parasites”.  As is so often the case with unguarded remarks they were overheard and reported back. During the course of her disciplinary hearing the manager said that she had been looking into the law and felt that her remarks were not unreasonable because a) they were private – despite being said in the corridor of the company’s offices outside a meeting to discuss Q2 figures b) they were fair comment and c) the two poor performers should be fired for ‘some other substantial reason’ because the rest of the team (the manager and three others) hate them can’t work with them. Sadly the manager seemed rather oblivious to the fact that the only reason the two factions of the team did not get on was the lack of performance which she was resolutely failing to manage!