Lying – apparently it’s not hard. Just stick close to the truth and change a few names!

Snowball, don’t they? Even the most innocent, simplest, kindest, of lies somehow manage to gain a life force of their own.  “I’m sorry I’d love to be there but….”, “I sent it hours ago….”, “I didn’t receive it, it must be my firewall…..” “I’m washing my hair…..” “it’s not you, it’s just that… etc”.  Trouble is the little white ‘lies’ that get told during a grievance, disciplinary investigation or informal chat – that little matter of timing that gets one off the hook or drops someone in it – need to be the same as the story that gets told in the internal hearings, the ET1 (or ET3 – it’s not just Claimants’ that manipulate facts) , witness statements, in cross examination and on line!

Trouble with lies (or “inaccurate facts” as someone recently put it) it seems, is remembering them.  Adding a detail here and there as matters progress is the downfall of many a liar.  Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ – of course, the sensible alternative is …… something that seems to be a luxury rather than a necessity in some cases…. the truth!

Cynical?  Moi? Never – oops!

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