I demand a pay rise! Rail fare increase of at least 8%….

Employees finding the economy tough will find it a lot tougher when the reported increases of 8% on average are applied to rail fares next year.  With reports of such significant fare increases, which the rail watchdog indicates may be up to 13% during 2012, many employees will be faced with the tough reality that the commute to work makes the job they do too costly to undertake.  Unless employers respond positively to the inevitable requests to start hiking salaries (an interesting proposition in the current economic climate, when many are still making redundancies and applying salary freezes) employees are likely to start looking for jobs with less costly commutes, or employers that are willing to pay more!  It may be one way to stimulate the job market, and potentially the housing market as we all cluster round the ends of the tube lines, but it certainly won’t be popular!