The return of autumnal weather means one thing – bra straps are back where they should be…. UNDER clothes!

Last week’s unseasonably warm weather caused employees all over the country to loose their senses as well their clothing – with female employees being the worst culprits.  Dress codes were ignored and appropriate workplace attire disregarded in favour of flip flops, skimpy “tailored” shorts (yes, they were designed to be worn with thick tights for a reason), bottom skimming summer dresses – and, HRspy’s personal favourite – a pale pink strapless sundress, worn with a highly visible black and orange bra!  It’s really not rocket science (nor is it something that HRspy expected to be blogging about in October) but if you’re wearing something that would cause your elders to say “you are not going out dressed like that young lady ” then it’s not appropriate for the office!