Christmas party chaos

No matter how many times us jaded employment lawyers think we’ve seen everything the Christmas party season can throw at us – from an HR manager being offered illegal substances to sex in the toilets – every year someone does something that gets a chuckle or two (providing of course it is at the expense of someone else). This year the stories seemed rather thin on the ground. The senior manager whose legs failed him and he fell into his taxi face first without moving his arms to save him – got a raised eyebrow(and a broken nose). A nameless young lady (tempting as it is) whose “tit tape” didn’t quite do its job of keeping her plunging neckline in place – got a chuckle. But the most laughter was generated by the executive who fell asleep on the train and woke to find not only had he toppled into the lap of a junior secretary (who is now alleging harassment), but because she’d been too nervous to wake him had slept in that position to the end of the line – from which there were no return trains!