Christmas is coming and the HRD is getting fat!

“Christmas is coming and the HRD is getting fat!”.  Yup – a quote from a grievance raised when the Finance Director overheard two colleagues discussing whether the HR Director was pregnant or just getting fat , and one (a junior HR assistant) thought it hilarious to start a Christmas rhyme about it.  For reasons best known to himself the FD felt the need to repeat not just the fact of the story but the full technicolour detail to  the HRD, who was understandably a little miffed.  Maybe the pregnancy hormones who knows but the usually ‘cool and calm’ HRD refused to shrug this one off and is now threatening claims of sex discrimination against the organisation and the FD – on the grounds that he would not have ‘humiliated’ her by repeating an offensive story about her being fat had he not known she was pregnant and therefore “but for my pregnancy I would not have been humiliated”.  Angling for an exit…..?

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