How to Apply for a Training Contract

If you are interested in joining us in September 2019, please send us your Curriculum Vitae and covering letter between 30 September 2018 – 31 January 2019.  Please mark all postal applications for the attention of Mr Ben Sheldrick. Electronic applications should be sent to [email protected]

The application process is straightforward (CV and cover letter) however, we are quite specific about the information that should be included in your covering letter and CV.  Because every application is reviewed by a member of the recruitment team, who is also a fee earner, it is important to us that your application includes all the information we require to enable us to take a decision on whether or not to shortlist you for interview.  Failure to comply with the following may result in your application being rejected.

Your covering letter must be no longer than one page and must include the following:

  • Why you have chosen Magrath LLP;
  • The skills and experience you will bring to the role;
  • How you will contribute to the success of our firm;
  • What you consider to be your greatest achievement and why; and
  • Your aspirations for the future.

Your CV must cover the entire time period to which it relates and academic results must be given for every academic achievement that you refer to. If you missed your expected degree grade, please do not submit your CV with no grade included, but include the grade and let us know if there were any extenuating circumstances that affected your performance.

Please do not send in an application unless you are satisfied that it meets with the requirements stated above.  We wish to ensure a fair process and therefore incomplete applications will not be considered.

Recruitment Process

From application to interview

We receive in excess of 400 applications every year.  However, unlike many law firms, we do not have any pre-screening criteria.  Every single application is reviewed from start to finish by a member of the recruitment team.  Reviewing applications in this manner is a demonstration of our dedication to find applicants who really are going to fit the Magrath culture and have the skills and experience that we are looking for.  We do not think that an individual can be chosen on the basis of academics alone and both your covering letter and your CV are carefully reviewed.

Applications submitted during the application period will normally be considered by the middle of February.  If you have not heard from us by the end of March, it is most likely that your application has been unsuccessful.  If your application is unsuccessful this does not preclude you from submitting an application the following year, and we invite you to apply again if you have not been successful in obtaining a training contract elsewhere, in the meantime.

Unfortunately, because we receive so many applications each year, we are not able to respond to each person individually, therefore, please do not telephone for an update as to the progress of your application.  Successful candidates will be contacted during the months of February and March 2018.

Interview process

Interviews are usually conducted through a two-stage process

First round interviews usually take place in March/April, in the year in which your training contract would start.  First round interviews offer the opportunity for potential Trainees to talk about themselves, their interests, their achievements and their experiences in an open and productive manner. First round interviews are normally held with two members of the trainee recruitment team.

Interviews are usually held over a 2 week period, at the end of which, the team agree a shortlist of applicants who are invited back for second round interviews.  These are conducted by one or two of the firm’s partners and ordinarily involve further discussion of your skills and experience to date.


Formal offers are made towards the end of April, with most training contracts commencing in the first week of September.