Associated with us in the Czech Republic

TOMAN, DEVÁTÝ & PARTNERS is among the leading law firms in the Czech Republic. Since its foundation in 1993, the Law Office TOMAN, DEVÁTÝ & PARTNERS has been rendering legal services of a high standard both to Czech and foreign clients. It has become known particularly for providing practical and successful legal advice in respect of constant changes in legal regulations.

Today the Law Office TOMAN, DEVÁTÝ & PARTNERS represents a number of long-term clients in various legal areas. Partners of the Law Office are the most successful participants in the competition Lawyer of the Year organized by the Czech BAR in the number of nominations. As regards litigation matters the Law Office offers its clients a loyal and sophisticated defence of their rights by employing all available legal means. Persistence and vehemence in enforcing client’s rights are the principles, which have proven effective in developing the practice. Diligent work with open information sources together with an innovative and creative approach to dealing with problems enhance the potent defence of the rights and interests of clients. In respect of contractual issues and other legal matters the office offers detailed knowledge of the Czech business and legal environment, vast possibilities of communicating with public authorities and foreign partner law offices. When rendering legal services in the area of contractual issues and other legal matters the office makes use of its own experience acquired in the field of litigation and vice versa. TOMAN, DEVÁTÝ & PARTNERS are an impressive partner and one we would recommend for any legal concern in the Czech Republic.