Training Contract – Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply for a training contract?

We recruit trainees in the same year as they start their training contract.  Apply prior to January 31 in the year that your training contract will commence.  Please only apply during this period as any applications received outside of this period will not be considered.

How do I apply for a training contract?

Please refer to the ‘How to Apply’ section of the trainee recruitment pages. Applications are made by covering letter and CV. Both documents must be in the format we request to be considered for a training contract.

Who should my application be addressed to?

Applications should be marked for the attention of Ben Sheldrick and can be sent by post or via email. Email applications should be sent to [email protected]

When will I find out about the success of my application?

You will only hear from us if you have been successful in obtaining an invitation for a first round interview. Due to the number of applications we receive we are unable to contact each applicant individually. We usually contact first round interviewees in May.

When does your interview process take place?

Between May and July in the year you have made your application.

I didn’t achieve a 2:1 degree – shall I still apply?

We consider applications as a whole. Academic results are understandably important, but we will also look at your work experience and what other activities you may have been involved in. Whilst ideally you will have at least a 2:1 degree, your application will still be considered if you did not achieve this result.  Where an applicant has not achieved a 2:1 we would ordinarily expect there to be extenuating circumstances that resulted in the lower than expected grade. If there were extenuating circumstances please do bring these to our attention.

I don’t have any experience – shall I still apply?

We understand that it can be difficult to obtain work experience in a legal environment and that some individuals may not have had the opportunity to secure this. Ordinarily successful applicants have taken part in work experience in a legal environment, whether this be paid or on a voluntary basis. It is also sometimes the case that whilst an individual has not been able to obtain legal work experience they have other relevant work experience which they can use to demonstrate a development of similar skills to those required of a Solicitor.

Please do still apply even if you have limited experience, but remember it is important to demonstrate how the experience is relevant to your application and improves your skills.

Do you offer financial support for the GDL and LPC?

As we recruit our trainees in the same year that the training contract commences, we do not offer any financial support for the GDL or LPC.  We do pay for the professional skills course.

Are Trainees retained after qualification?

We aim to offer jobs to all of our trainee solicitors when they qualify. However, the question of whether or not you will be retained is dependent upon your performance during your training contact and whether we have any vacancies in the area of law which you decide to specialise in. Over the last few years, trainees who have not remained with us have gone on to continue their careers at other reputable practices in the West End and the City.

Does Magrath hold social events?

Yes, Magrath has a social committee which is made up of Partners, Associates, Solicitors, Trainees and support staff.  The committee arranges quarterly social events which always have a good turn out – especially the Christmas party!

Do you offer a vac scheme?

We do not offer any formal vacation scheme.  Because we recruit trainees in the same year as the training contract commences, the need for a vacation scheme becomes somewhat redundant.

What is the Trainee salary?

Similar to many West End law firms, we do not publish our Trainee salary. The salary is above the Law Society minimum and is in line with what would be expected of a medium sized West End firm.