Companies House Name Game

From the 1 September 2011 Companies House will be tightening up their rules to ensure that documents are correctly entered onto the company record and consequently will not be accepting forms with minor variations or typographical errors. 

Companies House want to reduce the number of rejected applications and therefore only some abbreviations will be accepted going forward, and if you submit a document with an abbreviation not included on the list below…it WILL be rejected.  However, Companies can continue to omit “The” from the front of the company name.  Further, Companies House has indicated that it is important to provide them with the correct company number, at all times.

These abbreviations are acceptable:

Any name ending listed below:

  • For public companies: public limited company; plc; p.l.c.; cwmmi cyfyngedig cyhoeddus; ccc; c.c.c.
  • For LLPs: Limited Liability Partnership; LLP; L.L.P.; Partneriaeth Atebolrwydd Cyfyngedig; PAC; P.A.C.
  • For private limited companies: limited; ltd; ltd.; cyfyngedig; cyf; cyf.
  • For Community Interest Companies (private limited): Community Interest Company; CIC; C.I.C.; Cwmni Buddiant Cymunedol; CBC; C.B.C.
  • For Community Interest Companies (public limited): Community Interest Public Limited Company; Community Interest PLC; Community Interest P.L.C.; Cwmni Buddiant Cymunedol Cyhoeddus Cyfyngedig; Cwmni Buddiant Cymunedol CCC; Cwmni Buddiant Cymunedol C.C.C.
  • ‘Co’ instead of ‘company’,
  • &’ instead of ‘and’.