Clerk speeds their way to prosecution

Not long after the buzz of the Bribery Act 2010 (Act) has died down and there has been the first prosecution and conviction under the Act. Munir Patel pleaded guilty under s.2 of the Act for requesting and receiving a bribe.

One might have thought that the first offence under the Act would have been a large scale corporate act of bribery and not, as was the case here, a £500 bribe accepted by an Admin Officer.

Patel was an Admin Officer for the Magistrates’ Court and admitted accepting a £500 bribe to get rid of an individual’s speeding charge.

Demonstrating the all encompassing nature of the Act in that it encompasses all levels of staff within an organisation and bribes big and small, this case is a clear example of bribery and exactly the type of behavior that the Act looks to tackle.

We will report back further on 11 November 2011 when Patel is sentenced.